Hair Tattoo for Permanent Results

A hair tattoo is a perfect way to combat hair loss. Hair loss is a common effect of aging, and one that many people will experience in their lives.  By age 60, 65% of men will have noticeable hair loss, with an overwhelming majority experiencing this by age 80.  Women are not exempt from hair loss and will often have noticeably thinner hair. If you think that there is nothing you can do to change this fact of life, think again!

Tattoo Hair Follicles to Cover Hair Loss

Scalp micropigmentation is the process where we tattoo hair follicles onto the head to simulate the look of real hair. There are many hair loss treatments marketed to people who are losing their hair.  Creams, shampoos, and surgical implant options are all available, and yet, what really works?  While some people may benefit from a product or surgery, many don’t. The only guaranteed treatment is also the only permanent one - tattoo hairHair tattooing provides realistic results for noticeable hair loss and balding.

What is hairline tattoo?

A hairline tattoo is exactly what it sounds like - a tattoo that restores the look of your original hairline.  A licensed, Master SMP Artist creates the illusion of a full head of hair, covering a bald head completely, or filling in thinning hair.  The physical result is the look of hair, without patchiness, upkeep, or continuous treatments. A hairline tattoo also gives patients their confidence back and stops the embarrassment that hair loss can cause.  Men with thinning hair, or complete hair loss, as well as women with thinning hair experience immediate, life changing results.

SMP Artists use needles that are much smaller than typical tattoo needles. This smaller size replicates hair follicles much more naturally than regular tattoo needles. We also use specialty inks that don't discolor and turn green as normal tattoo ink can.

Client A before and after hair tattoo

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Scalp Tattoo

If you’re living with hair loss, Complete Micropigmentation has the solution you need.  Fully licensed and experienced professionals can give you your confidence back with scalp tattooing.  Look in the mirror and see yourself again, not the obvious signs of aging. Complete Micropigmentation offers safe, permanent, and effective hair loss solutions for every skin and hair type.  Fight back against hair loss and contact us to learn more today!