Scalp Micropigmentation Care

Caring for your scalp is important for obtaining the most desired results.

Before Care

We are so excited to work with you and give you a Complete look of hair! In order to make sure you are fully prepared to come in, please be sure to follow these steps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call us. Thank you for choosing Complete Micropigmentation, we look forward to meeting with you!

To ensure the best results possible, please follow these guidelines:

A week before your scheduled procedure, only wash your scalp with a gentle, non-abrasive shampoo.

After cleansing the scalp, moisturize it to keep it well hydrated. A hydrated scalp will help the ink absorb.

Avoid sun exposure. Wear a loose fitting hat, or use sunscreen. We want as minimal peeling as possible.

Before coming in, be sure to have had solid sleep, and to eat a healthy, filling meal.

Avoid wearing any hair pieces a week prior to your treatment.

24 hours before your appointment, restrain from using a razor on your head.

Just as you want a Complete look of hair, we want to give that to you. Following these steps will help your scalp be healthy and prepared for the treatment. We realize you are spending a decent amount of money on this procedure, and we want you to look your best and be happy with the results. Please be sure to do your part by following these easy 6 steps!

After Care

Congratulations on having your treatment, being on the way to a Complete look of hair! Just as it was important that you follow the pre-care instructions, it's also very important you follow the post-care to ensure the ink is properly absorbed.

Be sure to follow the following steps after your treatment:

Refrain from touching the treated area. You could accidentally introduce bacteria which may cause infection. All throughout the healing process, be sure to drink plenty of clean water, and eat healthy meals.

For the first 3 days post treatment, avoid letting anything touch your head. This includes shampoo, soap, water and even sweat. Sweating could push out the ink from your head, so until the skin heals back over it's extremely important that you avoid sweating. Avoid any kind of exercise and working out.

By the 4th day, antibiotic cream may be applied 2-3 times daily until the area has healed. By this time you can also shave by using an electric foil shaver. Be sure to avoid any scabs, and do not peel any off. You can also allow your head to get wet now, but avoid any extreme temperatures. Still avoid any shampoos or soaps on the head, and be sure to pat dry. You can also start moisturizing again, and may lightly sweat. However, we still suggest waiting until the skin is fully healed over before doing anything that would make you sweat.

It takes an average of 7-10 days for the skin to heal back over. Avoid rubbing or doing anything else that may bother the area. If you attempt to peel off or remove any crusting skin, you may accidentally also remove some of the deposited pigment. In the mean time, avoid any swimming, hot tubs, sun, sauna or makeup. Staying indoors is best, in order to best protect your healing head.

If you have pets, make sure they do not touch your scalp until it is healed. Remember, avoid sweating and getting your head dirty. We want it to stay as clean and dry as possible. After this time period has passed, you may start resuming washing your head as normal, and shaving. Just be sure there are no scabs and it is fully healed. By this time, you may exercise as much as you desire, and sweating will not be an issue.

After the first 30 days of your last treatment, swimming, saunas and fake tans are okay. Carefully following these steps will help ensure your healing and will keep the end result of your sessions looking great!

The Following Are Advised Lifelong Rules To Live By

If going outside, apply an oil-free, high quality sun block daily to prevent any pigmentation from softening. Moisturize regularly.

Avoid using any products that contain AHA, as it could fade the pigment.

If experiencing any swelling, itchiness, blistering or other issue on your scalp, stop using any products you are using. You may be having an allergic reaction. Call us, and we may be able to suggest a different product for you.